Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What are the ikkarim?

1. G-d's power cannot be meaningfully measured by the metrics of this universe, as G-d and the nature of G-d's power is and are outside of the universe, transcending any limits we might place upon them by way of description, but let us simply say that nothing is beyond It.
2. G-d created the universe so that humans should excercie their free will to do mitzvot and be holy.
3. Nevua existed, and is how G-d communicated to us.
4. Rabbis had the authority to create new Rabbinic mitzvot.
5. Rabbis have the ability to create whatever takkanot they deem necceesary.
6. Every Jew has a mandate to learn the laws, use their mind to seek the truth, and act accordingly.

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