Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kerygma and Telos

When reviewing the J-Blog o-sphere, certain categories exist.

Most pointedly, there are kofer blogs. To quote FrumPunk:

"Grew up orthodox and questioning your beliefs? You’re in excellent company my friend. Your first objective is to add all the doubter blogs to your blogroll. Then reiterate the points they’ve all made in your own words and with your own life experiences. Bonus points if you can come up with an original catchy nickname, as all the good ones have probably been taken. And of course, a chocolate chip cookie if you’re (ex) Chassidish."
Now religious Jews usually have two options regarding such blogs. We can either ignore them, or read them and silently object.

Being the intellectually curious/intellectually honest type that I am, I would read the blogs, and silently object when they cross certain gedarim (Boundaries)

But those are matters of dogma. Fundamentally, there are certain assumptions about the world that me and the kofer-bloggers differ on.

But what does bother me, that I can do something about, is the sense of intellectual superiority that oozes from some of their postings and musings. That somehow they have "seen the light" and know or taste or feel something I cannot. That I and my co-religionists are blinkered to the world around us.

Furthermore, many of these people are confusing ikkarim with modern innovations. When they find their natural inclination disagreeing with a minor point of Judaism, not knowing that many committed Jews do not at all believe or think that, they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

To meet them on the field of polite intellectual debate is my goal.

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